Lanth Subsector

("G" : Spinward Marches)

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The Lanth subsector is a typical rift province, with the majority of its worlds situated in a trailing crescent around an underpopulated section of the spiral arm.  Its major communications route crosses the rift and provides the only link with the Regina, Vilis, and Jewell subsectors.

Lanth subsector is a paradox of astrography; the large Abyss in its center makes its worlds virtually inaccessible, but the line of worlds forming a jump-1 route through it make it a vital transportation link.  Although the astrography of the subsector is dominated by the Abyss, a major impediment to interstellar travel, its coreward and trailing borders constitute two main branches of the most important communications network of the sector -- the Spinward Main -- making it a transport nexus.

Tureded (2414 Spinward Marches C465540-9), a small agricultural world, has recently become of increasing importance as a trade and shipping centre because it lies at a junction for jump-1 travel from rimward to the Regina, Jewell, and Rhylanor subsectors.  It is expected that Tureded will be upgraded to a class B starport within the next decade.  The Scout Service is currently negotiating the establishment of a Scout base, with the apparent intention of an Xboat link from Rhylanor to Dinomn and thus through to Regina (1910 Spinward Marches A788899-C).

There has just been a workers revolution on Dinom,  which should probably classify it as a temporary Amber Zone.

Dinomn has recently been reclassified as TL-9 instead of TL-3, at around the time the Naval base has been established.

Imperial Research Station Epsilon is located on Vreibefger.

A number of changes have been issued since the Sup.3 survey.  They include:

-cam MW
-spin SMC
-RSB ds