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("C" : Spinward Marches)

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The Regina subsector is the hub of new development in the Spinward Marches..  Located at the very edge of the Imperium, it serves as a contact point with the Vargr to coreward and the Zhodani to spinward; the result is considerable trade activity through the starports of the region.

Major settlements were in place in this subsector very early in the history of the Marches; Regina (1910 Spinward Marches A788899-C) quickly established itself as a trade center and the capital.

Ruie (1809 Spinward Marches C776977-7) was surveyed and settled at about the same time as Regina, but its culture was structured as isolationist; presented with the opportunity to join the Imperium in 235, it declined and has remained an independent world since.

Beck's World (2204 Spinward Marches D88349D-4), colonized in 228 as Frisini, was a crucial battlefield in the Civil War, finally falling to a pro-Imperial mercenary regiment (Beck's Bruins, under Colonel Vilina Beck). The conquerors stayed after the war, rewarded with land grants on their conquest, and the planet's name was changed to Beck's World.

Imperial Research Station Beta is located on Yori.

Since Sup.3 survey, the TL for Kinorb has been increased to 8 from 5.

Since Sup.3 survey, the TL for Regina has been increased from A to C.

Since Sup.3 survey, the TL for Yori has been decreased from D to A.

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