Rhylanor Subsector

("H" : Spinward Marches)

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The Rhylanor Subsector is a major population center of the Marches.

At the opposite end of the Spinward Marches sector from the Zhodani border, this subsector has seen more than its fair share of crucial battles in the Frontier Wars.  In the First Frontier War, Zivje (2812) and Jae Tellona (2814) were the sites of the climactic battles where Grand Admiral Plankwell destroyed the Zhodani expeditionary fleet.  In the Third Frontier War, Porozlo (2715) was taken by the Zhodani and served as their base for the siege of Rhylanor (2716), which became the site of many battles before the siege was ultimately lifted by the end of 981.

Pannet (2519 Spinward Marches E9C5677-7) has an insidious atmosphere which is tainted with specific contaminents in different regions on the world surface. Harvesting of these gasses is dangerous employment, but their value in industry on Lunion (2124 Spinward Marches A995984-D) makes it highly profitable for companies and workers alike.

457-973 (3019 Spinward Marches X372215-4) is interdicted by the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service to protect a local developing race from exploitation; a small human population studies the race from a remote underground installation.

Rhylanor (2716 Spinward Marches A434934-F) is best known as the birthplace of Olav hault-Plankwell -- Olav I, first of the Emperors of the Flag.  As Grand Admiral of the Marches, Olav led the March Fleet against the Outworld Coalition in the First Frontier War.  In 604, with a victory in his pocket (and the victorious fleet at his back) he drove on the Imperial core and proclaimed himself Emperor.  His Fleet gave the Moot no choice but acquiescence.  Olav's birthplace on Rhylanor is currently a minor tourist attraction.  Plankwell University is one of the major educational institutions in the Marches.

Research Station Gamma is located on Vanejen.

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