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Abyss: Engulfing most of the Lanthsubsector of the Spinward Marches, and extending into the Vilis and Lunion subsectors, the Abyss is a large area of low stellar denshy. It has been the site of several notable ship disappearances over the last half-millennium and has built up a substantial amount of lore associated with them.

Only seven systems lie within the Abyss' boundaries, although the roster of these worlds varies.  All lists include Ghandi (1815), Ylaven (1916), Victoria (1817), Sonthert (1918), and D'Ganzio (1920).  The remaining two worlds are chosen from Ficant (1417), Calit (1515), Lanth (1717), Arba (1721), Rabwhar (1822), and Quopist (2215), depending on the authority.

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