Lunion Subsector

("K" : Spinward Marches)

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Spinward Marches

The Lunion subsector is the crossroads of the Spinward Marches; trade routes connect with the Sword Worlds and Darrian, with Glisten and the Trojan Reach Sector rimward, and with Regina and Jewell coreward. In addition, the Spinward Main passes through the subsector.   It is also the Imperial jumping-off point for the Five Sisters subsector.  The Abyss extends through this subsector.

The Ling Standard Products shipyards at Strouden (2327 Spinward Marches A745988-D) and Lunion (2124 Spinward Marches A995984-D) are the major shipbuilding points within the entire Spinward Marches. They specialize in warships for the Imperial Navy, but the excellent workmanship, combined with level D technology, makes LSP products highly sought after.

Lunion is also a major meeting-place for demobbed service people.  The Green Man, an L-shaped bar that is always open and overlooks the starport, is an excellent place to meet other travellers.

The asteroid belt at Zaibon (1825 Spinward Marches B000544-B) was once the largest deposit of copper on record, but the lodes are now played out, and the system facilities are deteriorating.

The deserts on Wardn (1727 Spinward Marches B756486-B) are decorated by large-scale intricate patterns believed to be carved by anerobic life forms during their seasonal migrations. Some academics researching this phenomena feel the patterns are an expression of intelligence.  Others claim that the patterns are artifact results of an ancient culture.  The scout base here is the main outpost near the "metal" worlds claimed by the Sword Worlds; it is backed up in this role by the base on Spirelle.

Quiru (2321 Spinward Marches B365300-8) is governed by a military junta. Placed in power by a small mercenary army, the junta is tolerated by the Imperium because the government it replaced was less efficient.

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