Vilis Subsector

("F" : Spinward Marches)

The Vilis subsector was originally explored by the Sword Worlds, with individual planets surveyed and claimed by individual Sword Worlds.  Limited colonization was undertaken, but activity was more in the line of exploitation of readily available resources than settlement.  When the Imperials reached the subsector, extensive Imperial colonization displaced the Sword Worlders and led to the subsector's absorption by the Imperium.

The communications link extending along the Imperial border from Regina plunges through the heart of the Vilis subsector.  While the coreward portion of the region is the demilitarized neutral zone shared with the Zhodani Consulate, the rimward edge of the area borders on the loose confederation known as the Sword Worlds.  Along the Imperial border runs the xboat route which connects Regina with the subsector capital at Frenzie.  In times of tension, the exposed location of this subsector makes the area a prime military position.

One of the major astrographic features of this subsector is the Abyss, a region of low stellar density that extends into the Vilis, Lanth, and Lunion subsectors.

Vilis (1119 Spinward Marches A593943-A) was the original subsector capital, settled in 240 by colonists from Gungnir (1221 Spinward Marches B444779-8).  Garda-Vilis (1118 Spinward Marches B978868-A) was colonized from Vilis in 290; the name means New Vilis.  In 470, much of the subsector was absorbed by the Imperium, and that absorption is one of the reasons cited by the Sword Worlds for its membership in the Outworld Coalition and participation in the First Frontier War.

Arden (1011 Spinward Marches C5549CB-8), capital of the Arden Federation (with two colonies in adjacent Jewell subsector) is a former Imperial world which has established its independence and neutrality.  The world used to be a neutral meeting place for Imperial and Zhodani negotiators, until 1108 when Quar was chosen instead.  Since the end of the Frontier War era and the warming of Zhodani / Imperial relations, its importance as neutral territory has waned.

World 728-907, recently surveyed, is a large inhabitable world with no evidence of higher animal life although extensive forestation and insect presence have been noted.  The Ministry of Colonization has designated the world for seeding within the next century, with a view to colonization upon availability of personnel and funds.

The starport on Caloran has recently been upgraded from class D to class C.

Since Sup.3, the government type of Vilis has been changed from 3 to 4.

The red zone status of Zeta 2 has been imposed since the Sup.3 survey.

The TL of 728-907 has been upgraded from 0 to 2 since the Sup.3 survey.

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