Darrian Subsector

("I" : Spinward Marches)

The Darrian subsector is situated beyond the boundaries of the established Imperium.  It is named for the Darrian Confederation, a loose interstellar community of about twenty worlds in various stages of development.  With connections to the industrial world of Zamine and the breadbaskets of Engrange, Roget, and Condaria, the Darrian Confederation has maintained its independence against the pressures of its larger neighbours.

Darrian itself is an old decaying world depending on its past as a resource; art objects are a major export, although strictly controlled.  Many local buildings and complexes are tech level G, but the technology to maintain them has been lost.

Spume (0727 Spinward Marches C140200-A) has been substantially improved by the Darrian government as a military base for defense against possible Sword World invasions.

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