(0822 Spinward Marches, 0802 Darrian; E65767A-3)

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Cunnonic: One of the less hospitable worlds which Darrian settlers colonized. Cunnonic's climate is cool but tolerable. Its many volcanoes are violently active on the average of at least once a year and cause earthquakes and tsunamis. By far the biggest obstacle to colonization was the presence of hostile native life. Large predators of several types ranged the one large continent, and poisonous trappers were common in the archipelagoes. Much smaller herbivores ruined many crops before effective detterents for them were found. All in all, a very Earthlike planet for a people who had lived on a tame planet like Darrian to conquer. Perhaps because so many of the colonists were Solomani (who were used to such worlds), the planet's government split into eight factions. A higher tech level would be possible if these various factions would cooperate (especially on their starport), but that seems unlikely. Fortunately, these various groups rarely resort to outright warfare to settle their differences.

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