Torment (0721 Spinward Marches X233231-4)

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Torment (0721 Spinward Marches X233231-4): Torment is a prison planet for the most incorrigible of criminals, those whom Darrian psychologists have judged impossible to cure of violent tendencies. It is miserably hot and barren, consisting only of the one central village of convicts. They are required to work in mining and industry to pay for the import of enough food to support them. The prison is run by a hierachy of criminals who demand obedience from their fellow convicts. This obedience has little to do with law and order, as might be expected. They select their own successors before dying.

Although Torment is astrographically part of the Entropic Worlds cluster, it is not normally consider one of that group.  It has been under Darrian control since before the Third Frontier War, even during periods when the other three worlds were under Sword World control.  This is undoubtedly due to the nature of the inhabitants.

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