Ilium (0426 Spinward Marches B444831-9)

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Ilium (0426 Spinward Marches B444831-9): Ilium, except for its sulfuric taint, seems like a perfect Darrian planet with its warm, thin atmosphere and productive agriculture. This is because the pre-Maghiz Darrians terraformed its atmosphere by seeding bacteria and plants for decades before human colonists settled permanently. The sulfur was a by-product of their efforts to make the planetary crust out-gas more efficiently.  The name of the system comes from the te-zlodh "Yelim", meaning "pioneer".

Ilium survived the isolated centuries fairly well, but remained at a very low tech level. Its inhabitants had gradually developed to about tech level 8 when they were recontacted from Mire (0527 Spinward Marches). Today Ilium is a major naval base.

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