District 268 Subsector

("N" : Spinward Marches)

The District 268 subsector is an undeveloped region which does not yet enjoy membership in the Imperium, although Imperial protection is available to the worlds and peoples who inhabit the region.  The center for administration of Imperial activities in District 268 is Glisten (2036 Spinward Marches A000986-F), in the adjoining Glisten subsector.  Mertactor (1537 Spinward Marches B262732-B) has been nominated as the future subsector capital, and a token capital is maintained there.

The Imperium maintains a policy of limited, deliberate expansion.  Subsectors along its border which are potential acquisitions are called Districts and numbered sequentially.  District 268 is the 268th subsector to be considered for conclusion.  District 268 was formally added to the Imperial rolls in 610 -- the neighboring Five Sisters subsector was originally District 267, created at the same time.

In the early years of Marches exploration, the Spinward Main route through District 268 was the only viable route for the jump-1 ships trading with the asteroid belt at Glisten (it still is).  As a result, several important worlds have been developed along the route: Forine (1533 Spinward Marches D3129B8-A), an industrial world producing electronics components; Tarkine (1434 Spinward Marches C466662-7), an agricultural producer of exotic spices; and Collace (1237 Spinward Marches B628943-D), an industrial world producing a wide variety of low-cost, high-tech goods.

Collace is the site of one of several Imperial scout bases in the district.  Application has been made for membership in the Imperium, which is pending.

Imperial Research Station Eta is located on Judice.

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