Glisten Subsector

("O" : Spinward Marches)

The Glisten subsector is an isolated spur of the Imperial xboat network; until 940, it was a backwater for marginal officials of the Imperial bureaucracy.  However, in 941, District 268 was opened by decree of Margaret II and Glisten has since served as a base for the colonization of the new territory.

Egypt (1737 Spinward Marches BAC6567-7) is a Ministry of Colonization training base.

Mithras (1932 Spinward Marches C8B5546-6) is the site of an Imperial exile prison; individuals convicted of certain categories of crimes are deported to the world where they begin life anew.   Although environmental conditions are harsh, the opportunities on Mithras have made it a showcase of rehabilitation.

The Imperial Reserve on Marastan (2231 Spinward Marches D868772-5) contains sprawling examples of flora and fauna collected by the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service during surveys and explorations.  This Imperial collection, available only for research by accredited scholars, is one of the largest in the Imperium.  Although the Emperor has never visited the collection, it is reported that action holographs of it are used for decoration and entertainment at the Summer Palace on Umgadin (2320 Core B6B5946-B).

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