Five Sisters Subsector

("M" : Spinward Marches)

The Five Sisters subsector is a remote part of the Imperium.  Separated from the contiguous Imperium by nearly ten parsecs at its closest, this region is accessible only via a long communications link passing through the Sword Worlds.

When merchant captain Ignaz Ruffleran ventured into this subsector in search of markets, he found a cluster of five promising worlds and claimed them for his own.  He named them for his daughters and left each to its namesake in his will to exploit and administer.  These five worlds -- Mirriam (0333 Spinward Marches E472300-8), Jone (0433 Spinward Marches B792785-9), Karin (0534 Spinward Marches A767768-C), Penelope (0534 Spinward Marches C460642-4), and Ucella (0533 Spinward Marches D574654-7) -- give their name to the subsector; they are the Five Sisters.

The subsector is only sparsely settled, and depends on Imperial payrolls for most of its internal economy.  Some colonization attempts were begun under the auspices of Emperor Paulo I in 740, but all developmental activity was stopped in the psionic suppressions of 800.  The region has been under Naval administration since.

Research Station Zeta is located on Froin.

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