Aramis Subsector

("D" : Spinward Marches)

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Spinward Marches

The Aramis subsector lies to coreward, studded with few worlds of little use to the mainstream of trade and commerce; as a result, the major xboat links also pass this subsector by.  The subsector is, however, a major agricultural producer.  The major market for this production, however, is outside the ImperiumVargr tribes to coreward look upon the variety and quality of foodstuffs produced locally as highly desirable luxury goods.  The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service maintains several trading stations to facilitate trade and contact with the Vargr.  Aramis is sometimes referred to as "the breadbasket of the Vargr" because of the tremendous quantity of agricultural exports to the Vargr Extents.

Zila (2908 Spinward Marches E25672C-7) is an agricultural world with a far-flung reputation for wine; recent vintages have been noted throughout the marches for their quality.

Pysadi (3008 Spinward Marches C4766D7-4), on the other hand, is under a religious dictatorship which disdains the production of alcohol in any form.  Pysadian fruits, however, are of superb quality.

Junidy (3202 Spinward Marches B434ABD-9) is the homeworld of the Llellewyloly: a race whose five limbs function as both hands and feet. The Llellewyloly have a complex society with many dimensions of social precedence; the same individual may be entitled to high status in one situation and low status in another, and to make an error in propriety is a serious matter.

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