Trade Station

Establishment for the promotion of interstellar commerce.  There is no single controlling agency for trade stations; some are established by private companies, on their own or under contract to the Imperium, some are run by the scout service, and others are operated by different branches of the Imperial government.

For example, there are five trade stations in the Aramis subsector of the Spinward Marches operated by the scout service to promote trade with the Vargr.  The installations, at Lablon (2701 Spinward Marches), Jesedipere (3001 Spinward Marches), Junidy (3203 Spinward Marches), Focaline (2607 Spinward Marches), and Zila (2908 Spinward Marches), serve as clearing houses for merchant dealings.  They provide numerous free services: language translation, temporary warehousing, brokerage, computer files of merchant information, a commodity exchange, and others.

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