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Llellewyloly: Sophont race native to Junidy (Spinward Marches / Aramis 3202 6434ABD-9). Llellewyloly have five multi-jointed limbs which function as hands and feet interchangeably; main sensory organs are also located on the limbs. The spherical central body is covered with long, coarse hair.

Junidy is subject to severe thermal fluctuations in the course of its local day, and many Llellewylolian features are unique adaptations to these variations.

Llellewyloly have a complex society with many dimensions of social precedence; the same individual may be entitled to high status in one situation and low status in another, and to make a hierarchical error concerning propriety is a serious matter.  Under their excruitiatingly complex social order,  each individual has multiple social ranks which pertain only under specific circumstances.

Their tech level 3 society is not starfaring.

The Llellewyloly are often referred to colloquially as Dandelions.

Although this is not strictly true, as the distinction between "plant" and "animal" is only applicable within a distinct ecosystem, jokes have been made about Aramis that the subsector known for its agricultural  exports has also produced one of the few "agricultural" forms of intelligent life.

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