Halfview, Admiral Moshe

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Halfview, Admiral Moshe: Prominent loyalist naval commander in the closing days of the Interstellar Confederacy Civil War. The Admiral rallied the remnants of over a dozen planetary fleets into an efficient fighting force and routed the rebel forces to the Sketola (0622 Core) system. The resulting Battle of Magnia Sketola caught the rebels off-guard, and crushed the rebellion once and for all.

Historical records indicate the Admiral had an unusually high percentage of prosthetic body parts. His prosthetics included his right eye, his right arm, both his legs, and several of his internal organs. The replacements were needed to repair severe injuries he had sustained on several different bold police actions against pirates. The Admiral was well known and feared by many pirates - he relentlessly raided interstellar pirate bands in the years prior to the Civil War.

At the age of 132, the Admiral was killed by his fifth wife in -115. His body is currently on display in a cryogenic case at the Confederacy Naval Museum on Lalandra (0821 Core). -core TD 9