Civil War of the Interstellar Confederacy (-239 to -237)

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Civil War of the Interstellar Confederacy (-239 to -237): Internal dissension within the Interstellar Confederacy finally resulted in the outbreak of hostilities late in -239 when combined forces from Protalus (0128 Core), Marsus (0127 Core), Iacus (0325 Core), Oorpic (0324 Core), and Domitar (0224 Core) attacked the Confederacy Capitol of Sketola (0622 Core).

The rebel forces, commanded by the fanatical Baron Rolf von Toerbach, swept aside the system's defenses, subdued the orbital starport complex, and landed three crack divisions of Marsian troops on the world's surface. Within two months, the entire surface of Sketola was in rebel hands.

The Confederacy government withdrew to Keplo (1322 Core) and rallied their forces. The Confederacy was essentially cut in half, with the rebels controlling most of the Great Spiral systems in the Bunkeria subsector, while the loyalists controlled those in the Cemplas subsector.

A series of minor raids and squirmishes occurred over the next year and a half, but no major actions were fought. Finally, in -237, the rebel fleet attempted to open a second front at Belicose (1523 Core). After a protracted battle in the system, the rebels were forced to withdraw back to Sketola. The loyalist's Internal Security Force inflicted particularly severe losses to the rebel forces lead by the famous pirate leader, Boss Tarkel.

The Confederacy pursued the rebels back to Sketola. Once in the system, the Confederacy forces trapped the rebels near Magnia Sketola (the system's largest gas giant) and crushed the remnants of the rebel fleet, ending the Civil War.

The Civil War severely weakened the military might of the Interstellar Confederacy, effectively eliminating it as a serious contender for domination of the Core Sector. Without the Civil War, the Confederacy would have been a serious rival to the Sylean Federation, and as such could have radically affected the founding of the Third Imperium. -core TD 9