Interstellar Confederacy

A loosely allied collection of 32 star systems within the Bunkeria and Cemplas subsectors of Core sector.  The Interstellar Confederacy was the largest interstellar government to oppose the Sylean Federation during their 650 year ascendence in the Core Sector.

Formed in -684, the Confederacy was primarily interested in preventing any further technological decline of its member worlds.  The Interstellar Confederacy stopped accepting members after it absorbed 32 systems in the Great Spiral region of the Sylean Main.  The Confederacy members considered the 32 systems to be the maximum that could be efficiently coordinated.

After its initial formation period, the Confederacy turned in upon itself and made no further attempts to contact adjacent systems until contacted from the outside by Sylean Federation Scout ships in -301.  The meeting was an uneasy one on both sides and finally erupted into open warfare a hundred years later as the Sylean threats of expansion into Interstellar Confederacy territory increased.

The centers of power within the Interstellar Confederacy rested with the four to five tech level 12 worlds it contained.  Individual planetary rights were paramount in its charter - so much so in fact that the Confederacy rarely achieved the cooperation necessary to carry out its intention to halt the slow loss of technology and loss of general prosperity.

The Interstellar Confederacy had very few contacts with outsiders, and those that it did have were generally not pleasant.  However, after contact with the Sylean Federation, the Confederacy steadily weakened in influence until finally in -17 Cleon convinced a number of member worlds to pull out of the Confederacy altogether.  By -1, the Interstellar Confederacy ceased to exist as a government entity, conquered more by the apathy of its members than by any hostile intent on Cleon's part.

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