Herbivore native to Fulacin (2613 Spinward Marches) in the Rhylanor subsector.  Individual groats are harmless, but the outer members of a herd will attack any perceived danger in groups.

Groats have been transplanted to several worlds in the Aramis subsector, most notably Focaline (2607 Spinward Marches).

The groat's shaggy hair (known as groatle) is the most obvious resource it provides.  Once sheared, cleaned, and groomed, it has a softness and silkiness rivalling the finest synthetic.  In addition, groatle contains a high concentration of metal salts, which has two beneficial effects.  First, groatle cloth is proof against most lifeforms which eat other animal fibers (such as various species of Terran moths).  Second, a simple chemical treatment brings out an iridescent, shimmering quality which is very attractive.  Groats are also raised for their meat, which is highly prized by vargr.

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