The number two megacorporation in Aslan space is Reastirlao, an independent corporation having grown from a small trading company that served parts of Hlakhoi sector.  During the Yerlyaruiwo-Tralyeaeawi war (3077 to 3167 Aslan, 614 to 693 Imperial), Reastirlao provided transport support to Tralyeaeawi and reaped large profits.  During the war, the company also established many trading bases (often displacing existing bases belonging to Yerlyaruiwo clan's Tlasayerlahel); when the war ended, Reastirlao was positioned to retain those bases and to build on the foundation they had created.  By around 3403 Aslan (900 Imperial), the company had attained megacorporate status with trading bases in all of the Hierate's sectors.

Reastirlao has retained its independence by prohibiting marriage by its higher level managers.  Its female managers thus cannot be influenced by the male leaders of various clans.  Successful managers are rewarded with large cash settlements when they leave the company, and many of the managers pursue marriage and family after their careers with the company are over.

Besides its merchant operations, Reastirlao maintains a base of heavy industry in Hlakhoi and Ealiyasiyw sectors, and its product mix includes starships, machine tools, and construction materials.

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