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Tralyeaeawi: Aslan Tlaukhu clan. As a matter of course, the Tralyeaeawi strongly oppose the Yerlyaruiwo. This animosity dates back to a war fought between the two clans from 3077 to 3167 Aslan (614 to 693 Imperial). Although the Tralyeaeawi were soundly defeated, they have never come to temms with continued Yerlyanuiwo dominance.

More humans make up the population of Tralyeaeawi than any other Aslan clan, largely from the fealty of the human Zodia Colonies in Iwahfuah Sector. Aside from that, Tralyeaeawi has always been receptive to other races and even sponsors Aslan "missionanes" to raise aliens from barbarism. As a result, visitors among the Tralyeaeawi can exped to encounter a greater variety of races than among other clans.

Tralyeaeawi clan members generally show more tolerance. They also tend to observe fewer formalities and even engage in familiarities with inferiors, at least in private. While this has eased their relations with humans, obher major clans occasionally raise objections to their attitude as inappropriate for a major clan -tlau S&A