The largest existing Aslan merchant company is Tlasayerlahel (the name means "Interstellar Merchants" in Trokh).  Tlasayerlahel is clan-controlled: it is operated and managed by Aslan females from the Yerlyaruiwo clan.  Aslan males from the clan hierarchy provide policy guidance to the company, but day-to-day management is provided by the more capable Aslan females.

Tlasayerlahel was originally established to provide transport service between worlds owned by, or subservient to, the Yerlyaruiwo clan.  As the clan grew, the company grew as well, and today it provides cargo and passenger service between major worlds in all sectors of the Aslan Hierate.  With many interests in the ripe markets at the sector's heart, Tlasayerlahel traders have been engaging in trade competition with human merchants from the Principality of Caledon.

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