Oberlindes Lines

Oberlindes provides extensive cargo service in the Regina and -- more recently -- Aramis subsectors of the Spinward Marches, based out of the home port of Regina.  It also trades with the vargr in Gvurrdon sector, exchanging Imperial goods, rare wines, and technological jewelry for unusual materials, finished goods, and processed ores.  Emissary, a fully armed Imperial cruiser converted to carry Oberlindes cargo, is well recognized throughout Gvurrdon. Oberlindes maintains a trading center at Pandrin (2240 Gvurrdon), and commonly employs vargr to handle its interface services.  Extensive trade is carried out across the Imperial border with the Vargr.

The company is a trade and transport corporation, based in the Spinward Marches, whose expanding activities have taken it into the Deneb sector and the Vargr Extents.  Founded in 487, this regional line has prospered in the wake of the Domain of Deneb's recent economic upswing.

It was established in 1084 with an Imperial charter specifying trade and commerce within the Spinward Marches and supporting distant trade with states bordering the Imperium. Oberlindes is one of the major shipping lines within the Regina subsector, with feeder routes to all major starports; Oberlindes expansion into neighboring subsectors has improved star service but alienated many of the older and more conservative lines.

The Oberlindes name is an old one in the trade and commerce business in the Marches. Roxanne Oberlindes established the first line to bear the name in 487 and built a family business which thrived between each of the several wars which have wracked the Marches in the past millenium.  The first major increase in Oberlindes' size came in 1049, with the acquisition of Emissary, a surplus cruiser declared excess by the Imperial Navy.  This ship, armaments intact, served as the flagship for Oberlindes' excursions into the Vargr Extents on trade expeditions; the venture proved highly successful.  A base for Oberlindes was established just beyond the Imperial border (some irregularities in the ship transfer made it impractical to bring the ship into the Imperium) and served as a clearing house for trade good shipments between Regina and the Vargr worlds.

In the years following the False War, Oberlindes Lines obtained an Imperial charter and began operations with a large fleet composed almost entirely of navy surplus ships -- now numbering in the hundreds.  The organization concentrates on the smaller feeder routes, but has recently expanded into main line service, in direct competition with Tukera Lines and other more established major shipping lines.

Sergei hault-Oberlindes, patriarch and controller of the line, was awarded a baronial patent, complete with estates on Feri (2005 Spinward Marches B384879-B), by direction of the Emperor in 1101 for his contribution to the economic recovery in the Marches following the Fourth Frontier War.

Oberlindes Lines is a family company with stock ownership divided approximately as follows: Oberlindes family, 78 percent; investment trusts, 10 percent; corporate employees, 8 percent; Imperial family, 2 percent; public individuals, 2 percent.

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