Tarin Sink

(1432 Corridor, 0602 Ashishinipar; DAE3301-6)

Tarin Sink is an Imperial client state and site of Corridor Research Station Epsilon.  The planet was colonized by nine extended families during the wave of spinward expansion in the late 300s.  Most of Tarin Sink's modern inhabitants are their descendants.

Later, the Imperium constructed a separate facility staffed by its own personnel.  This station grew until it was officially designated Research Station Epsilon.  Epsilon serves as a clearinghouse for unexplained phenomena.  Within it are records of bizzare happenings and mysterious relics dating back tens or hundreds of millenia.  Untranslated non-human accounts and strange engines predating the First Imperium await the person able to read or operate them.

Many items in the station's collection are so odd that they are freely displayed to the public, although Tarin Sink's position within the Great Rift limits the number of visitors.  Imperial researchers, completely baffled by these objects, hope that someday, someone will pass through the station who can shed some light on these mysteries.

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