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The Imperium finances research into a variety of areas.  Sometimes this is an attempt to duplicate technology observed or reported in neighboring cultures and not yet within the ability of the best known science in the Imperium. Other times, the research is an area of interest expressed by some Imperial body (such as spinal mount weapons research performed by the Imperial Navy).

Imperial research stations may be located on worlds which need a boost to the local economy or in remote systems far from the potential disturbance of Imperial politics.  Many different stations may be located in several systems of the same region, and many different areas of knowledge may be under investigation at one time.

In general, however, one station is constructed for one purpose, and it continues in a single area of knowledge for its entire span of usefulness.  Its size, personnel roster, power plant capacity, and even visibility profile are dependent on its area of investigation.

Imperial backed research may delve into many areas.  Some examples include black hole research (both large-scale and mini-black hole investigation), instantaneous transmitter development (so far proving impossible), antimatter containment, new weapon development (such as disintegrator beams), black globe development, deep planetary scanning, psychohistory, mass population behavior prediction, genetic transformation of living organisms, self-aware robots and starships, stasis and time travel, personal shields, memory transfer, and total rejuvenation.

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