(0720 Spinward Marches, 0710 Querion; E336AAA-C)

Entrope had a much better spaceport before the last takeover by the Sword Worlds.  All facilities were destroyed to prevent Entrope from serving as a base for Darrian ships. The starport is still little more than a cleared space and customs shed.  Fuel may be obtained from the ocean since there are no gas giants.

Entrope's current leader is Major Kerin Yoldat, a war hero who was responsible for the coup that swayed Entrope's ground forces to the Darrian side at the time of the invasion that retook the planet.  Major Yoldat is still investigating former collaborators and Sword Worlds immigrants, expelling or imprisoning some of them.  Weapons are not actually outlawed, but it takes a time consuming background check to get a permit to carry one.

-DAR ld