Querion Subsector

("E" : Spinward Marches)

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The Querion subsector is an area of sparse worlds technically claimed by the Zhodani Consulate, although the strength of that claim depends only on a short express lane connection into the coreward edge of the region -- only a handful of worlds at its coreward edge are actually under Zhodani rule.  It is difficult for many commercial ships to pass through this sector.

At the rimward edge of Querion subsector, territorial claims have been pressed for Winston(0620 Spinward Marches E887573-6), Entrope (0720 Spinward Marches E336AAA-C), and Anselhome (0820 Spinward Marches C110588-8) by both the Sword Worlds and the Darrian Confederation; Imperial diplomatic backing was given to the Darrian claims; the Zhodani Consulate backed the Sword Worlds claim.  The Sword Worlds occupied the three worlds since the end of the Third Frontier War, but they were returned to the Darrians soon after the Treaty of Quar.

The Imperium established a research station (Imperial Research Station Delta) in the Retinae (0416 Spinward Marches E8C69AA-5) system in 556 for the purposes of communications research; at that time the system was part of the Imperium.  Despite the relinquishment of the system (along with all other possessions in the subsector) in 986, the research station has been maintained, and during the Frontier War era was a source of continual friction with the Zhodani. The Imperial Navy maintains a courier route with the Imperial frontier at Frenzie (1116 Spinward Marches A200436-A) via Thanber (0717 Spinward Marches B243653-C).  The station has frequently figured in Zhodani diplomatic protests in the past, but its long-standing presence at Retinae and the steadfastness of the Emperor has served to maintain its continued operation; now the Treaty of Quar specifically allows the station to operate under solely Imperial jurisdiction.

Extensive lanthanum deposits have been reported at Bael (0218 Spinward Marches E200100-8).

Asmodeus is recovering from a nuclear war which ended in 1005.  It is quite a tourist attraction for those who fancy such things, for academic, ethically instructive, or morbid reasons.  Rebuilding is proceeding under Zhodani direction, using the revenue generated by this planet-sized war monument and demonstration area.

This entire subsector is outside the boundaries of the Imperium; all worlds should be treated as travel zone Amber by Imperial citizens.

Querion is the Zhodani Frontier District Capital.

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