Cronor Subsector

("A" : Spinward Marches)

The Cronor subsector lies at the extreme spinward reach of the Imperial frontier, and has long been a point of friction between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate.  The Second Frontier War (615-620) began with an attack on Cipango (0705) and then exploded to engulf three subsectors.  Ultimately, the Cronor subsector was lost as a result of the war, and the borders established have remained to this day.  Zhodani ascendence in this subsector is a relatively recent event, occuring only in the last century.  Incursions which have collectively been called the Fourth Frontier War (1082-1084) resulted in some realignment of accepted boundaries, but in no real gains for either side.

Chronor is the Imperial spelling for the subsector; the Zhodani corrupted spelling is Cronor.

Many worlds in the Chronor subsector remain nominally independent, although they are under Zhodani protection.  Long term education and development programs are in progress to integrate these worlds into the Zhodani Consulate.

Cronor subsector contains a jump route nexus (at Cronor) controlling vital Zhodani connections to territory in both Jewell and Querion subsectors.  Away from established jump lanes, the sparse population of the subsector has resisted domination, although only in a passive vein.

All worlds in this subsector should be treated as Amber by Imperial citizens.

Quar (0808 Spinward Marches B532720-B) is the site of an Imperial naval base. The world was originally settled by Imperials, but was pronounced independent as a result of the armistice after the Third Frontier War.  It was returned to the Imperium in 1109 as an act of good faith by the Zhodani as a result of the peace negotiations with the Imperium, after being the site of the Treaty of Quar which cemented that peace.

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