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Ouawiyr: Stemming from Wiyeare (1714 Riftspan Reaches A2765M5-B), the Ouawiyr are known for their environmental engineering. The clan owns several corporations which conduct research and market "environmental maintenance" equipment.

Aurlealrah sells seismic monitors and quake suppressors; Kateahyel, weather prediction and control systems. The latter company's reputation was severely damaged by the Hkurlei (1517 Riftspan Reaches A3409JB-E) disaster of 3638 Aslan (1106 Imperial).

Htoutiktai, another Ouawiyr corporation, is primarily concerned with environmental research and innovation. Lately, Htoutiktai has turned its attention to terraforming, establishing the Hasawe'i (3131 Riftspan Reaches B7A81K8-B) outpost in 3584 Aslan (1058 Imperial) in cooperation with the clan government. -rr TD 19