Hkurlei (1517 Rifspan Reaches A3409JB-E)

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Hkurlei (1517 Rifspan Reaches A3409JB-E): Conditions have always been harsh on Hkurlei. Temperatures at the equator frequently exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and cloudless skies grant no protection from the blazing orange sun.

In 3638 Aslan (1106 Imperial) all surface water was lost. During a period of peak solar activity, a catastrophic fault crippled the planet's weather control system. The few shallow lakes which had served as reservoirs began to evaporate.

Panic might have ensued on a human world. With few exceptions, however, the native Aslan settled themselves to the drastic water rationing imposed by their clan leaders. In a few isolated incidents, thefts of water were reported; as a whole, though, the inhabitants refused to insure their individual survival at the expense of their fellows.

The Aslan philosophy of taro - literally, "it comes" - enabled the people of Hkurlei to weather the disaster. The planet's hydrosphere never completely recovered, but today the populace has adjusted. New safeguards have been implemented to make sure a similar crisis never occurs again. -rr TD 19