Irrgh Manifest

The Irrgh Manifest is a sizable and long-established interstellar state occupying the rimward portion of Provence sector. From its capital at Igunfaksa (1731 Provence), the Irrgh Manifest has dominated politics in Aenkuk and Voudzeur subsectors since its inception in the early 400s. The state is named after the charter that created it.

The spinward area of the Manifest has sympathies with the neighboring Dzarrgh Federate, although border disputes are a matter of course.  Igunfaksa itself is in the trailing portion of the Manifest, and is more concerned with matters in Corridor sector, and there is no desire for alliances in this area.

The Irrgh Manifest is a heated enemy of the Glory of Taarskoerzn.  The Taarskoerzn state holds a small area of space along the spinward border of the Windhorn Rift.  To trailing, the the Vaenggvae corsairs -- originally associated with the Glory of Taarskoerzn -- are also a factor that cannot be ignored by Igunfaksa and its vicinity.

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