Dzarrgh Federate

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Dzarrgh Federate: Vargr State in Provence sector.  The Federate is an Imperial trading partner, and relations between the two governments has long been friendly.

Formed around Dzarrvaer (0224 Provence A100757-F) in the mid-1090s, the Dzarrgh Federate is a typical Vargr government. The Federate incorporates many long-independent worlds, allowing them a high degree of autonomy. Most member worlds pay no taxes to the capital, and no unified judicial system exists. Some political scientists have gone so far as to call the Federate a geographical region rather than a governmental body.

Overlapping the border between Provence and Tuglikki sectors, the Dzarrgh Federate was formed in 1090. The Federate pushed outward from Dzarrvaer (0224 Provence) over the next six years. Many of the surrounding worlds had been independent since the collapse of the Foergaz Coalition in -2530. These worlds initially resisted, but the ideals and might of Federate forces eventually won out. Since that time, the Federate's expansionistic desires seem to have gradually slacked off.

The Federate is really a government in name only. Each member world exercises a high degree of autonomy: there is no state legal system, no single currency, and little taxation on an interstellar level. Thus, the Federate incorporates many different cultures and lacks true continuity. Each member world has retained its pre-Federate customs from the old days of independence.

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