Forboldn Project

The primary colonization project within the Regina subsector of Spinward Marches.  Originally conceived in 987 to utilize the resources of Forboldn (1808 Spinward Marches), the project began its execution phase in 1089, shortly after the Fourth Frontier War.  Large numbers of colonists were recruited and shipped in cold sleep from the Imperial core, with arrival times set from 1110 to 1120.  Simultaneously, preparations on Forboldn began, with detailed planetary surveys to pinpoint resources and initial building projects to prepare industry and quarters for the arrival of colonists.

An interesting aspect of such colonization projects is the recruitment method used to supply the personnel who will actually make the colony function.  Since virtually no amount of money will entice an individual to leave his home and livelihood for the bleak desolation of a colony world, the Ministry of Colonization has established seveal programs to produce colonists.  Most obvious is the colonize in lieu of prison term program.

However, several other programs have also shown signs of success.  In the unemployment insurance program, high population worlds have successfully used the colonization project as a means of reducing unemployment over the long term.  In a similar medical insurance program, indigents unable to obtain medical treatment are provided with their needs in exchange for signing on to a colony.

The needs of a colony for skills are met through the anagathics program; qualified (and aged) individuals can be provided with anagathics to extend their life spans in return for their providing such skills as administration, mechanical crafts, or medical expertise.  Finally, land grants to retiring veterans has provided a cadre for the new colony's military and police forces.

-Kin ld