Avnira Tree

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Avnira Tree: The avnira tree originated in the Arrilla system (0112 Massilia). It was first transplanted in 689 to Jokkat. Since then it has been gradually spread through the Kenum and Vaait Subsectors in Massilia.

The chief reasons for the avnira's popularity are its great beauty and the ease with which it is transported and transplanted.

The avnira has a dark, almost purple, color with a beautiful flame in its grain. When treated with certain varnishes, the first two to three millimeters become translucent to transparent, giving a depth and dimension to its appearance unsurpassed in this area of the Imperium. After the wood has been exposed to a bright light, it continues to glow intensely for about two hours after the original light source is removed.

To transplant a new tree, simply cut a live branch from the tree and freeze it. It will last up to 15 weeks and may be transported anywhere while in this state. To revive and complete the transplant, the branch should be placed in water at around 40C for 12 hours, and then planted no more than 10 centimeters deep. The tree usually takes about 15 standard years to reach a harvestable size, but can have cuttings taken from it after as little as three years. -mas K -mas TD 11