Arrilla (0112 Massilia E-585448-6)

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Arrilla (0112 Massilia E-585448-6): Visitors to Arrilla often report that the Arrillans are too easygoing, making them a joy to visit, but frustrating as business partners. Their planet is a kindly one, with moderate temperatures over much of its surface and plentiful resources. As a result, its people feel little urgency about acquiring more goods to make life comfortable, and they are quite satisfied at their low Tech Level. The mountains of the large continent contain rich deposits of minerals and crystals, but few natives can be stirred to mine them out for trade. Foreign investment would be possible, but one would need to import workers as well as equipment: Local labor tends to take holidays whenever the mood strikes. All told, the planet is a tourist's delight, often recommended by doctors for the cure of stress-related ailments.

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