Astrography of Riftspan Reaches

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Astrography of Riftspan Reaches: The Great Rift sweeps diagonally through the Riftspan Reaches from rimward-spinward to coreward-trailing. Thus, worlds are few and far between, and the sector contains a mere 108 systems.

Despite their sparsity, these few worlds form a crucial path of interstellar "stepping stones" across the Rift. Modern jump-5 craft can traverse the Rift with relative ease. For centuries, however, the crossing required nearly two ftahea (approximately 640 Imperial days) even for jump-3 vessels.

Since the Rift's first crossing in 1185 Aslan (-1044 Imperial) by the explorer Ktouwaatritoikh, traffic through the Reaches has gradually increased. The densely packed region of stars on the Rift's far side drew ihatei and merchants alike, and the intervening worlds were slowly settled. -rr TD 19