Captain of the expedition that made the first crossing of the Great Rift in 1185 Aslan (-1044 Imperial).  He was born on Steisua (1135 Dark Nebula) in 1130 Aslan and found land in Ealiyasiyw sector at the age of 28.  This did not satisfy his thirst for roving, however.

Leaving his holdings in the management of his three wives, Ktouwaatritoikh took exploratory trips to coreward until he encountered the obstacle that had stopped earlier adventurers: jumps too long for his vessel to make.  With support from the worlds on the rimward side of the Rift, he set out to create a fuel dump in space to make the longest jump possible.  This was accomplished with large fuel pods equipped with beacons, and sufficient extra tankage in the ships to make the return jump.  (This fuel dump is still kept stocked and occasionally used by lesser vessels; however, most Rift crossings are now accomplished in jump-5 ships and do not require it.)  At the far end of the jump was a thick cluster of worlds suitable for colonization.  These lands gave Ktouwaatritoikh status far beyond that of his holdings in Ealiyasiyw, and he eventually brought his family to his new holdings on the coreward side of the Rift.

-TD17 dn