Anti-Rukh Coalition (Gnoerrgh Rukh Loell)

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Anti-Rukh Coalition (Gnoerrgh Rukh Loell): Vargr grouping in Gvurrdon sector. The Coalition has never bothered much with the human governments nearby. Its sole desire has been the overthrow of the Rukh government. The Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate have rarely figured in the Coalition's plans.

Remarkably, the Coalition's goals have not changed recently, although the Coalition is worried by the improvement in Zhodani-Imperial relations. As the Zhodani support the Rukh, the Coalition fears the Imperium will enter into some sort of trilateral alliance. It is possible that Coalition agents are working secretly to disrupt the Zhodani-Imperial peace, even while they continue to plot directly against the Rukh.

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