Worlds of Leader Rukh (Rukh Aegz)

One of Gvurrdon sector's larger and more stable vargr governments. The current Rukh, while bearing no love for the Imperium in general and the Domain of Deneb in particular, has kept her people from attacking en masse.  Naturally, this hasn't kept numerous independent corsairs from heading rimward towards the Marches, but the situation would be far worse if the Rukh Navy entered the picture.

Interestingly, some analysts see a Zhodani hand in the Rukh's stance. The Rukh worlds have long had strong diplomatic ties with the Zhodani, and with the recent thawing of relations between the Consulate and the Imperium, the Zhodani may very well have asked for the Rukh's restraint.  This would make the Rukh the only significant vargr state to support the Treaty of Quar.

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