Vard (0714 Old Expanses X9BA997-7)

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Vard (0714 Old Expanses X9BA997-7): Red Zone. Vards people are packed into shallow-water arcologies. Their government is a veritable maze of agencies in charge of this and that, often overlapping, never simple to cope with. Because of their sympathies and active cooperation with the Solomani rebels since the last war, Vard has been interdicted by the Imperial Navy.

The planetary tech level has been falling steadily since contact was cut off, and the Scout Service predicts that soon the populace will not be able to repair or maintain the arcologies. The IISS has thus petitioned the Emperor for a lifting of the restrictions, lest they lead to genocide. The Navy takes a dim view of this idea. If anything, the interdiction has made the anti-Imperial attitudes worse over the years, but Vard would be hard put to menace the Imperium in its present condition. -oe TD 12