Valkyr (1709 Gateway BA598FE-C)

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Valkyr (1709 Gateway BA598FE-C): A high-gravity world noted chiefly for its warrior class, the Valkyrs. Drawn exclusively from the world's ruling elite, the Valkyrs are extensively trained from childhood in combat and raiding techniques, sabotage, and special operations. The hot, thin air and high gravity has produced a strain of humans adapted to the harsh environment, stronger and with greater endurance than normal people. The Hochiken People's Assembly has been castigated in the past few years for conducting deliberate human genetic experiments on Valkyr in an attempt to produce a race of super warriors. Granth has consistently denied all such rumors, while at the same time refusing to allow outsiders to visit this world.

Visas and special passes to visit Valkyr are available only on Granth -gat MTJ 4