(2631 Corridor, 0201 Sashrakusha; C4698CC-B)

The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service base at Umaraag has been involved in protracted legal proceedings against the Naval base at Sumeszu (2632 Corridor).

Naval medics from nearby Sumeszu took 120 chirpers for research purposes from a reservation on Umaraag, where chirpers comprise over 60% of the population.  Scout personnel maintained that such action violated the laws protecting the reservation and the chirpers' right to live unmolested.

Initial rulings in 1114 favored the Navy, and the Scouts subsequently appealed the decision.   Eventually they pursued the matter all the way to the Emperor himself, and in early 1119 Strephon ruled in favour of the IISS, citing a principle of equal treatment of both natural and artificial sophonts.  This ruling is a major milestone in the rights of other chirper populations, and semi-intelligent races throughout the Imperium.

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