Tulane (0731 Diaspora C381100-D)

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Tulane (0731 Diaspora C381100-D): Many ornithopter racing enthusiasts in this part of the sector spend time on Tulane training for Tsinan's (2503 Diaspora) endurance races.

Tulaners have a long tradition of being among the most graceful of 'thopter pilots, but they are not among the strongest. Tulane's low gravity and dense atmosphere make 'thoptering almost too easy.

An interesting relationship has developed between Tulane's 'thopter enthusiasts and the local Chirpers, who have retained some capacities for flight in this environment. The chirpers, who dwell primarily in the sharp peaks of the southern hemisphere, love playing an aerial version of hide-and-go-seek with 'thopter regulars. -AGD