(3104 Lishun, 0704 Criideu; B768200-C)

The settlers here are refugees from Akitilon (3101 Lishun), a client state that was taken over in 1023 by Zakishe (3004 Lishun) in a bloody war that decimated the populations of both worlds.  As of yet, the Zakeshean invaders have not been able to track down all of the refugees in the forests of Takaria.  Of course, the remaining populations of Zakishe and Akitilon, under technocratic rule, are not enough to field troops of sufficient number to capture the refugees.

Unfortunately, the only way that the Takarians will ensure their continued safety is if the technocratic government of Zakishe is overthrown.  The Zakisheans covet the pleasant, liveable worlds so nearby, but their power depends on controlling access to technology and all but forbidding it to the conquered Akitilonians.

-TD7 lis