Sulawesi (1025 Canopus D6846A6-8)

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Sulawesi (1025 Canopus D6846A6-8): Originally Indochinese, Sulawesi's inhabitants practice extensive agriculture on the world's wide, fertile plains. Culturally isolated, its natives grouped in small, rural villages, Sulawesi is ruled by a figurehead monarch, the Grand Rajah. Traditionally, government has been the province of the village headmen.

For decades, the world was content in its quiet prosperity, but the Party has recently attempted to infiltrate itself into Sulawesian life. A coup, arranged by SolSec and various business interests, deposed the rightful Rajah and replaced him with a Party lackey. Religious leaders and village headmen have denounced the new Rajah, and the Confederation has sent in pacification troops to bolster the new regime. -sta S&A