Sufren (2004 Diaspora B686973-F)

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Sufren (2004 Diaspora B686973-F): Sufren is a major industrial hub, a garden-world, and considered by many to be the jewel of the sector. It is also home to a large population (over two million) of Orcinus orca sapiens, intelligent orcas produced by an off shoot of the same Terran program that resulted in the more well-known intelligent dolphins. These huge creatures were relocated to Sufren after funding was terminated for the program on Terra. They share Sufren's seas with a population of Tursiops truncatus galactus.

Sufren features a fairly well-preserved Ancient site. However, since the Umorphutwyo (1816 Diaspora) incidents of the mid-1120s, access to the site has become difficult; Visitors must submit to background checks and personal interviews. The reason for these added precautions is not known, but rumors suggest that the Intelligence Division of Sufren's Planetary Navy has begun classified research at the site. -AGD