St. George (2616 Vland B7C59BB-D)

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St. George (2616 Vland B7C59BB-D): The dominant native animal of St. George is, of course, a "dragon". Lizard-like in appearance but bearing live young, these feisty animals can spit a fluid that catches fire in the hydrogen atmosphere of the planet. The resemblance was too good to pass up for the original colonists, one of whom fancied himself an expert on ancient Terran legends. St. George was not colonized until 360, when technology to overcome its atmosphere was finally developed.

The original, highly esteemed leaders set up an almost dictatorial government but their replacements have lost the confidence of the people and there is considerable unrest. Time will tell if the current government can stand.

The kesternet plant, which grows only on St. George, is an important ingredient of anagathic drugs. Much of the population of the system is housed in orbital complexes, safe from the insidious hydrogen atmosphere. -vla V&V