Skyhaven (3118 Magyar B588501-D)

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Skyhaven (3118 Magyar B588501-D): The inhabitants of Skyhaven have no government and want none; indeed they can see no use for a government under any circumstance. No decision is ever taken collectively: each chooses for himself, independent of whether he consults with others or not. There is no army, no police force, no foreign ministry; off-worlders deal directly with the people they wish to see and need answer to no officials.

Many Skyhaveners are quite vocal about their preference of the Imperium over the Solomani Confederation. Solomani, the locals say, tend have some representative speak for the whole world. But the Imperium has never interfered wnh the individualistic approach prefered by the Skyhaveners.

There is, however, a strong taboo on violence, and the penalty is often enforced by the victim or his friends. Off-worlders are strongly advised to keep their hands to themselves and to keep their weapons put away.

Ostracism is a popular form of punishment for non-violent forms of unacceptable behavior. Because of this, hermits who "don't get along with others" are numerous. -mag TD 14