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Sikilar: Colonized during the First Imperium with a dome ecology, Sikilar was a popular retirement world because of its low gravity. As the Long Night deepened Sikilar was cut off completely from interstellar contact. The domes were maintained by rote knowledge but their atmosphere became thinner over the centuries and the population naturally adapted to the new atmosphere.

Technology on Sikilar became the province of religious oriented researcher caste. Eventually, all knowledge of the technology was lost, with operation of what equipment remained being done by rote.

At the close of the Long Night, an offworlder from a higher tech world with plenty of ambition and few scruples came to Sikilar. Dhusa (the only name now remembered) overawed the populace with his "magic" and set up a religious dictatorship. Since then his priestly caste has instilled a terrified obedience in the people.

Offworlders are worshipped as angels. No native may speak to an offworlder without permission. All trade is handled by the priests, who keep technology to themselves.

The only reason the incredible law level of this planet has not made it an amber zone is that offworlders are not subject to the most stringent taboos.

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